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Accelebrain is vocabulary builder and flashcard software which helps you quickly memorize words, phrases, vocabulary, numbers, formulas, historical dates, or any subject matter that can be learned via a question and answer format. You can add, search, learn and print flashcards with Accelebrain. It supports printing one and two-sided flashcards. A major benefit of the flashcards is that they are extremely portable, comfortably fit into the pocket. If you are standing in the queue at the movie theatre or the mall, you can simply pluck out your cards and kill some time by revising them. You may also learn flashcards with build-in flashcard emulator inside Accelebrain.


Why do you need Accelebrain?

To cut down on your learning time and quickly memorize a large volume of words, phases, vocabulary, formulas, etc.

To learn up to 100 words per day with fun

It is vocabulary builder for those who learn foreign language

To prepare for SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, IELTS, FCE, CAE tests

To print flashcards on paper (one and two-sided flashcards printing support)



Add, collect, search, group, learn and print words

Group words by tags like book, chapter, article, etc.

Print flashcards on the paper. One and two-sided printing

Customize fields which you want to print on flashcard

Build-in emulator of flashcards to learn them in Accelebrain

Free support and advice

Free lifetime updates and upgrades

System requirements: Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/Windows 7


Buy Accelebrain now and start learning new words very fast!




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Accelebrain screenshots and features description:

This is how the main screen looks like. Here you can add, search, filter words or phrases.


Accelebrain Main Screen



You can edit, delete, mark to print or learn, or associate any word with any tag from context menu:


Accelebrain Word Context Menu


This is a screenshot of form where you enter a new word:


Accelebrain Adding Word Menu


There are several fields you may fill if you need. The only mandatory field is the word, all other at your convenience. There are three fields for transcriptions as you can enter the word phrase with several foreign words and want to enter their transcriptions too (if you use Accelebrain as vocabulary builder). All those fields may be overused for other needs. The transcriptions may be taken from online dictionary you use to get the translation of the word. Any dictionary has transcription and sometimes it is a picture rather than a text. So, you press the button add transcription and select with mouse region with transcription. It will be captured to the word.


Adding tags to word:


Accelebrain Adding Tag Window


Tags are used to group words. A typical group is a book, chapter, blog, site, etc. It is convenient to filter words by selected tag.


This is a filter:


Accelebrain Words Filter


You can enable to show addition word’s attributes to help you understand where each word belong to:


Accelebrain Attributes Menu


Accelebrain Words With Attributes


The window of editing tags:


Accelebrain Edit Tags Window


This is a print builder menu. You can select how you want to print words and which fields include. One and two-sided printing support.


Accelebrain Printing Builder


To print flashcards you need to save them from the program. They are saved as a website. You may use Microsoft word or any browser like Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera to open this site and print. When printing cards select two-sided printing mode in your printing settings or change the list of paper manually to print cards on both sides of the list. Then use scissors to make flashcards from paper.


Preview window (how printed flashcards will look like):


Accelebrain FlashCards Preview


You can learn words and phrases in build-in flashcards emulator:


Accelebrain Flashcards Emulator



Use buttons Next and Prev to see the front side of the card. Use hint button to show all fields of the flashcard. You can shuffle, edit and exclude cards. Learning settings are used to enable fields of front side of the flashcard.


You can export and import database in Accelebrain:


Accelebrain Import Export Menu


Buy Accelebrain now and start learning new words very fast!




Buy Accelebrain Download Accelebrain