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SerpMon - Keyword Rank Checker

SerpMon (Search Engine Results Page Monitor) enables you automatically check your search engine position ranking for any keyword. You can see how a specific keyword position has changed over time in a vivid graph. Whatever you do to optimize your site you must know how it affects your site position in search results. If you do something and your rank goes up – you are on the right way. Don't let your competitors outrank you.

Why do you need SerpMon?

Automatically checks your search engine rankings

Search engine rankings at your fingertips

Monitors where your competitors rank

Keeps track of the ranking history

Shows if your site moved up or down in search results

Effective site promotion is impossible without rank monitoring

You'll be able to track your keyword ranking progress as you try to improve your website's keyword search ranking

Checks all keywords ranking in several minutes. Manually checking them would take hours. That is time SerpMon saves you



Automatically updates keyword ranking on schedule

Internal database keeps your keyword ranking history

Shows if your keywords positions went up or down

Desktop popup notifications when selected page changes position

See if your keyword rankings have moved up or down in a vivid graph

Multiple filtering to results

Favorites and pages to exclude list

Free support and advice

Free lifetime updates and upgrades

System requirements: Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/Windows 7


Buy SerpMon now and have search engine rankings at your fingertips!




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SerpMon screenshots and features description:

This is how the main screen looks like:


SerpMon Main Screen


Let’s consider parts of the screen.

This is a table with keyword ranking for all your websites:


SerpMon Results Table


This a filter which allows you to group results buy specific keyword, page and set min and max threshold for positions:


SerpMon Filter


Filter with dropdown menu with sites:


SerpMon Filter\


Filter to show keyword ranking for specific period:


SerpMon Period Filter


Filter to show keyword ranking for pages in groups like:

pages in favorites list

in page excluded list

new pages for 24 hour period

absent pages (which position dropped below 500 or page excluded from search engine index) for all historical time


SerpMon Group Filter


This is a vivid graph which shows when keyword rankings moved up or down for selected page and keyword:


SerpMon Vivid Graph


This a results table with keyword ranking:


SerpMon Results Keyword Ranking



You can add any page from results table to favorites list, exclude from results table, open in the browser, open in search engine and see 24-hour changes of page position for selected keyword:


SerpMon Daily Rank Change


This is how 24-hour changes in position look like:


SerpMon Daily Fluctuations Vivid


Adding and editing sites and keywords menu:


SerpMon Add Site and Keyword


Favorites list:


SerpMon Favorites List


When position changes for any page in favorites list the pop up notification on desktop appears:


SerpMon Popup Window


You may enable or disable pop up notifications for pages in favorites list.


Web page excluded list:


SerpMon Excluded List


Options menu:


SerpMon Options Window


Choose she schedule: how often you want SerpMon to gather statistics for all keywords ranking.
You may choose not to close pop up notifications for pages in favorite list. They will leave on the screen until you manually close them. Otherwise they will be closed automatically after 5 seconds.


Buy SerpMon now and have search engine rankings at your fingertips!




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